A collection of random and funny text adventures of the princes in the Voltage Be My Princess fandom.
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-drabbles-: All the Pretty Flowers - DEMO RELEASED! Brought to you by the Cherubim Scribes!


Hey guys! So the production team I’ve been working with, Cherubim Scribes, has just released our first demo EVER of our first game, called All the Pretty Flowers!

Read about it below, and there are download links to Dropbox as well from where you can download the demo (available for Windows,…

So most times, when I do these, I try to make the MC stay in character.

However, there are many times where I want to make her super sassy or sarcastic…

And I’m not sure which one you guys would like better. Do you mind if I have her be a little OOC or would you rather have her in character?